Opening the Flood Gates

After much debate, we have made a decision to open up the final token sale to everyone that was previously whitelisted for the past two token sales. Why? After a discussion as a team and with our consultant, from a business perspective these individuals have already been able to purchase $RCKT tokens and it doesn’t make sense to segregate them at this point.

This means, anyone from previous sales will be able to buy RCKT in the upcoming sale. HOWEVER, keep in mind we will not allow you to participate in IDOs if you cannot pass the KYC requirements.

We will publish a whitelist of all addresses that are able to purchase $RCKT the day of the token sale. As people continue to KYC to gain access during the sale, addresses will automatically be added to the whitelist inside the smart contract.

Thoughts, concerns or comments? Lets discuss this together!





Frank Kirk
Rocket Launchpad

A decentralized IDO platform, built on top of the Tezos blockchain.