Rocket Launchpad: Mission Ready

The time we have all been waiting for. The final Rocket Launchpad presale has ended and we are ready to get underway! Let take a quick recap of the presales and a copy key points to remember going forward.

Presales: A Foundation for Exploration

Through a series of 3 presales, Rocket was able to secure the funding we needed to push through to our next series of objectives. Lets recap on the funds raised:

  • Private Sale: 62,500.00 $XTZ
  • FARM Private Sale: 93,750.00 $XTZ
  • Presale (IDO and IFO): 102,606.61 $XTZ
  • Total Raised: 258,856.61 $XTZ
  • $XTZ Value At Launch($3.80): $983,655.19 USD

Governance At A Glance

With our $RCKT launch, we added a key piece to the future of Rocket Launchpad, and that is $rkDAO. When we plan long term, we think of a couple things; agility, expansion, and decentralization. The DAO allows for all three of those. We want this platform to not only work for our users, but be guided them as well. With $rkDAO, users will be able to propose and vote on many aspects of the project. Some examples are:

  • Tier Mechanics
  • Selection of Launching Projects
  • Fee Structures

The list will grow as we grow. The timeline for features like this are projected 3rd Quarter FY22. However, this timeline can move left or right depending on many factors. The bottom line; we look to be as decentralized as possible, and this is the ground floor of that vision!

As always, we want to thank each and everyone of you for taking this step with us! A lot has been done, but there is even more to do. We always invite feedback and try to implement it when feasible.


Come play along with us as we roll our next turn with our launch on 28 August @1400 UTC. Currently, we are within 48 hours of the whitelist cutoff! The snapshot is happening on 22 August @1400 UTC. To qualify, you must have at least 25K $RCKT staked on our site. Want to buy as much $GIF as possible? Then make sure you stake enough to enter the upper Milky Way or Andromeda tiers! With most of our user’s having 50% of their tokens locked from the presales, we are counting those tokens as “staked” in the IDO tiers!

Example: You bought 25K $RCKT from the presale. After the presale you received 12,500 $RCKT and have 12,500 $RCKT locked. If you stake the 12,500 $RCKT you received, you will have 25,000 $RCKT total “staked” and you will be be in the Triangulum tier.

Sounds Great! Can’t Wait! Hold On…Did You Say More Free Stuff!

All those who participate in the $GIF presale will get a free airdrop of $UNO! You can read more about the $UNO token on Gif.Games.





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