Rocket Launchpad Tier and Fundraising Model Adjustments

We will constantly adjust and adapt our platform to best meet users needs. A critical component of that is user feedback. Rocketeers voiced their opinions, and we heard you loud and clear. Armed with this data, we excited to announce adjustments to our tiers and fundraising model to improve RCKT utility!

Future IDO Fundraising Goals

TezId will be raising $225,000 in their upcoming IDO. The price will be pegged to XTZ 3 days before the token sale and all allocations amounts will then be listed on Rocket Launchpad.

It is now increasingly more important to make sure your stake your RCKT. There will be less IDO tokens to go around, therefore staking in higher tiers will ensure you get as much of an allocation as possible.

With that, we have some changes to our tiers to improve the return for the Milky Way and Andromeda Rocketeers as well as a change to our First Come, First Serve tier.

Andromeda Tier

First Come, First Serve Tier (FCFS)

However, being a new platform and bringing in users from other blockchains left us in a unique predicament. We had 100s of users wanting to enter the GIF token sale and unaware that they needed to stake their RCKT on our platform.

After consulting with the team, we made a decision to allow everyone the ability to experience our platform through the FCFS model. Being our first IDO, this also ensured the GIF token sale had the best chance to sell out. That proved very successful with the GIF IDO selling out and raising 100,000 XTZ.

That will not be the standard. To participate in any future IDO, including the FCFS tier, users will need to stake a minimum of 25,000 RCKT.

Tier Weight Adjustments

Going forward, the tier based system for all IDO’s launching on Rocket Launchpad will be as follows:

Triangulum Tier

Stake Requirement: 25,000 RCKT

Stake Lock Length: 30 Days

Guaranteed Allocation: Yes

Pool Weight: 5

Milky Way Tier

Stake Requirement: 250,000 RCKT

Stake Lock Length: 30 Days

Guaranteed Allocation: Yes

Pool Weight: 50

Andromeda Tier

Stake Requirement: 1,500,000 RCKT

Stake Lock Length: 30 Days

Guaranteed Allocation: Yes

Pool Weight: 300

We will continue to adjust these tiers going forward until we find the best medium to ensure everyone gets a fair allocation of tokens as well as increase RCKT utility. Have some feedback? Let us know!





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