Rocket Levels Up: Joins the Lobby

On our adventure to do our part in the ecosystem, we stumbled upon a teammate…! Luckily for us, had all the legendary gear and skill to help us get to the next level, unlocking our first full-product showcase by launching their $GIF token swap on the Rocket Launchpad platform!

The Dream Team

We couldn’t be more excited to have as our first fully launched project. Rocket Launchpad and are both working hard to develop their own unique pieces of the Tezos puzzle, and this is a key opportunity to come together and take our projects to the next level. has the team, the experience, and vision to be the first powerhouse building NFT based games built on Tezos. With their Tezotopia DAPP, their land grabs have been extremely successful and sell out the second they hit the market. But they are not done there! They have plans to keep expanding their ecosystem, and the $GIF token will play a critical part.

Play to Win: The $GIF DAO Experience

Have you ever played a game and thought, “It would be so awesome if they added this”? Maybe you love getting to play games before they are released to the public? Well, with $GIF token, you will be able to do just that! $GIF is looking to launch their voting platform in Q1 of 2022, which will allow users rights to create proposals, vote, obtain different perks related to games, and get early access to any new game releases. What better way to enjoy a game than to have an input to how its built?

Not enough for you? How about this, 0.50 $UNO will be airdropped to all participants of the Rocket Launchpad IDO!

$GIF By-the-Numbers

As with every project, roadmap and tokenomics are the first level to ensuring that you are equipped to fight the battle. $GIF has done a great job at building their defenses. There will be a total supply of 100M $GIF tokens, with 34M in initial circulation (30M $GIF sold during the Rocket IDO launch, 4M $GIF put into initial LP). They will have token locks in place and 50% of tokens will be reserved for escrow. Take a deeper look at their tokenomics and roadmap on their site.

Geared Up For Takeoff!

With the $GIF launch we will be using everything in our arsenal. Due to the size of this IDO, we will be utilizing our tier-staking model with all 3 tiers available for this launch (see our tiers model for more info)! There will be a total of 20M $GIF sold during the presale. The launch date is set for 28 August 1400 UTC.

This is set to be an exciting event for Rocket, and Tezos as a whole! Make sure you stay up to date on the latest and greatest about the launch and other projects by jumping in the social media channels. As always, any and all questions/suggestions are welcomed, as community is the biggest key to success!

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